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SERM is MS Access and Visual Basic program file developed as database to help school management in administering their student payment transaction and class level trend data record keeping, maintenance and backup both in softcopy and hardcopy.

What is New?  *Login interface security *Google Drive and Dropbox online backup *Class status upgrade *Bug fixed

For Student Payment Transaction
-SERM serves as invoice and e-invoice in managing payments.
-Create payment clarity between students and School Management
-Tracks, keeps, maintain and backup individual and general history payments of students
-Serves as balance or debt reminder by indicating those committed FULL and PART payments.
-Keeps student Sponsor’s contact.

For Class Level Trending
Using the feature of Student Date of Admission and Present Class, SERM is use in monitoring student class level trend, and payment history in each class level.

 Payment ID: Assigned payment identification number for every student
 Payment Update Code (PUC): Keeps payment interval through varying code
 Time Watch: Keeps School term resumption and closure dates
 Term Count: Indicates present and past term in history and present.
 Payment Methods: Selective payment methods
 Student Personal Details: A place to record and save student’s personal detail, class trend, and sponsor’s contact details
 School Management Payment Charge Dashboard: This is data entry place for school to setup the fees, which will automatically reflect on the calculated payment dashboard.
 Student Payment Dashboard: Records student’s payment with auto-balance check feature. So Admin officer does not need to do any calculation.
 Session balance: This keeps any balance, student did not pay within the three terms
 COYU (Carry-Over Yearly Update): Session Balance b/d for next term use.
 Payment Status: Indicate FULL and PART Students’ payments.
 Discount Type: Give room for student discount, if any.
 Office Use Dashboard: Admin Officer attestation with name, date and signatory.

-School personalizes Quantra code in order to indicate printout authentication of payment.
-Built with friendly interface and easy to use features
-Receipt/Forms are printable, customized in school name with logo
-Respond to personal customization demand for choices
-Features with auto date and time
-Printable and publishable of Form/Records in PDF
-Program file does not expire.
-Backup enabled
-Student Passport upload for better record
-Powerful Search information tool of Students’ records.

-In-built Platform: Microsoft Access, Macro and Visual Basic
-Run O.S: Runs in all Windows Operating System
-MS Office Version Use: 2007-Latest | -File size: 945KB | Version: 5.1
-Software Type: Program file of MS Access with Macro and Visual Basic
-Date of Released: July 28 2018 | Mode of use: Data entry | Backup Status: Enabled
-Price: $42.94, £32.24, N17,800.00
-Sales by: Mr. Steve CAplus, 08063446169

Developer Contact
Space –Era Data services,, 08056721909, 08063446169

Note: Backup system of SERM can be done both in offline and online. For offline, both internal and external storage Devices are usable. For online, one can use email or cloud backup, however, we recommend cloud backup through Dropbox. For such, contact us for a guide.


Google Download:

About SERM (pdf) | SERM VIDEO (mp4—49mb) |

SERM PROGRAM (870kb)-sample version 6.0

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