Data Loss Prevention and Insurance

In a family term, data include your sound (voice & music), image (picture & video) and texts written in MS Words, PDF, etc. Take for example, everything inside your Smartphone all are data.

By preventive measure, we will show you the quick-ways of preventing accidental data loss, and by insurance measure, we will give you your data back if eventually you loss them.

For the data insurance measure, it is optional to contact us when you lost your data, all we do is to setup a self-recovery system which you will touch and get all your data back.

We now advise you to play data safety on these:

* Pictures and Videos
* Audio, Sounds and Music
* Texts including Documents, PDF, Microsoft Files, Phone Contacts, etc.
* All the data on your Laptop and Smartphone at a time.

Our charging rate is based on data size, which can be of kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte.

Other Service Inclusive:
Data maintenance involving data clinic, cleanup and update.

This service is available both for Individuals and Corporate bodies.