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App-XL Support

Applied Microsoft Excel (shortly called App-XL) is strictly an application of Spreadsheet tech book with problems applications in the field of Business, Finance, Economics, and Statistical works.

The key topics are
* Data Analysis and Management tools,
* Financial and Investment Analyzes,
* Basic Statistics in Economic and Business Application,
* Advance Statistics for Data Analysis of Research works,
* Resources Optimization with MS Excel, including others.

The key FUNCTIONS and TOOLS are:
* Pivot Table, and Chart for table data analysis and management,
* Solver for Linear Programming,
* Analysis Toolpak for advance statistical works,
* Basic Statistics tools for Measure of Central Tendency and Dispersion,
* Data Analysis with chart, Slope and Intercept for Market Equilibrium Analysis, Finance, and
* Investment tools like DDB, SNL, SYD, FV, PMT, IPMT, PPMT, PV, RATE, IRR, and NPV.

It is prepared for MS Excel Users (MEUs) and MS Excel Beginners (MEBs). The name “Applied” is associated with the book due to its attribute of personal practical and real world work Applications in Statistics, Economics, Business, and Finance. It is very friendly in use, consists community (i.e. forums) technical support, open to all MEUs and MEBs, and as well been accompanied with App-XL Solution Pack 1.0.0 downloadable zip file…. So if you have purchased the book to receive the Solution Pack, please contact us.

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